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Ball Check valve,DIN3202 F6,PN10/16,DN50-DN300

Ductile iron body with epoxy coating and access port, flanged connection EN1092-1. NITRILE (Buna-N) covered metal ball. "Sinking Type", stainless steel fasteners. Mainly used for the wastewater Industry


Face to Face Length:DIN3202 F6                                                                                                              

Installation: horizontal/vertical with down-up flow direction                                                

Application:Sewage;Waste water treatment plants;Pumping stations

Working Pressure:PN10/16

Working temperature:0-80℃



Body &bonnet:ductile iron(GGG50)

Ball:NBR coated steel



Ball Check Valve DIN3202 F6 PN10,PN16-1.
Ball check valve drawing 2.png
Ball check valve drawing 1.png
Ball Check valve components & Materials List
Ball check valve Materials.png
Ball Check valve Dimensions
Ball check valve dimensions.png
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