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Welcome to visit our factory.Photos below will show you what our factory looks like and help you know our factory outlines and know us---the first step to start our cooperation.

Factory Outside
Factory Outside 1.jpg
Factory Outside 2.jpg
Factory Outside 3.jpg
Workshop 1`.jpg
Workshop 2`.jpg
Workshop 3`.jpg
Office 1.jpg
Office 3.jpg
meeting Room.jpg
Machine &Equipment
Flange drilling Machine 1.jpg
Flange drilling Machine 3.jpg
Flange drilling Machine 2.jpg
Sand shot &Surface Treatment
Surface treatment 3.jpg
Sand Shot.jpg
Surface treatment 2.jpg
Surface treatment 5.jpg
Surface treatment 1.jpg
Surface treatment 4.jpg
Coating 6.jpg
Coating 7.jpg
Coating 3.jpg
Coating 4.jpg
Coating 5.jpg
Epoxy powder.jpg
Assembling 4.jpg
Assembling 3.jpg
Assembling 4.jpg
Hydrostatic Test
Hydraulic Test 2.jpg
Manual Gear Operated Gate Valve 3.jpg
Hydraulic Test 4.jpg
Hydraulic Test 3.jpg
Chemical & Physical Properties Lab.
Chemical and physic properities lab
Chemical and physic properities lab
Chemical and physic properities lab
Castings Warehouse
castings warehouse 3.jpg
castings warehouse 6.jpg
castings warehouse 4.jpg
castings warehouse 2.jpg
castings warehouse 1.jpg
castings warehouse 5.jpg
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