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All our efforts are to offer customers satisfactory product and good quality products and in-time delivery time,and lower the cost,make our product more competitive.

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Customize logo and Brand


Engrave customer’s logo/brand on valve body,if customers hold these logo/brands



If nameplate is necessary for our customers and users ,we can make nameplate to valves,indicate technical data:working pressure,size,manufacturing year,Serial No.and company name etc.

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Epoxy coating colors Various options


Offer various of epoxy powder coating color options:blue RAL5015,RAL5017,Red color and black color

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Customize parts materials for valve


,For example:

  1. Stem materials,customer can choose 2Cr13,or SS304 or SS316.

  2. Wedge:NBR or EPDM

  3. Hand wheel:Ductile iron or steel sheet

  4. Gland:Ductile iron or Brass

  5. Bolts and nut:galvanized steel 4.8/8.8 or A2 or SS304 or SS306

Dust Proof Cover


If quantity is big,customer can design their own dust-proof cover(cover to valve port and flange).

Handwheel or Stem Cap operation


customer can select operation types,by manual by handwheel or operation cap or by gearbox or even by electric actuator

By-pass Valve


For big size gate valve,we can make by-pass valve for it if it is necessary for users

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