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Ball check valve DN500

Ductile iron flanged ball check valve size DN500,20inch,working pressure PN10,PN16 for sewage,face to face length DIN3202 F6,flange drills to BS EN1092,PN10,PN16

Face to face length DIN3202 F6,1100mm for DN500,20inch

Flange:BS EN1092 PN10,PN16

working pressure:PN10,PN16

Working temperature:0-80℃

Hydraulic test according to EN12050-4

Body:ductile iron GGG50

Cover:ductile iron GGG50

Ball:Steel coated by NBR

Bolts:zinc plated steel or A2-70

Ball check valve DN500 drawing
DN500 Ball check valve.png
Ball check valve DN500 material
DN500 Ball check valve2.png
  • Description:

    • Type: Ball check valve

    • Size: DN 500

    • Connection: Flange holes to EN 1092-2, connection PN10,PN16

    • Face-to-face length: EN 558-1 series 48,DIN3202 F6

    • Ball Material: steel (NBR coated)

    • Body Material: EN-GJS-500-7 (GGG50) nodular cast iron

    • Operating Pressure: 16 bar

This valve is commonly used for various applications, including wastewater treatment and handling neutral liquids. Its self-cleaning design ensures smooth operation, and the full bore minimizes pressure loss. 

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