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Ductile iron resilient seated gate valve BS5163,DN50-DN600,PN10,PN16  (Middle Type)

Design Standard:BS5163

Face to face dimensions: BS5163

Flange:BS4504 PN10,PN16,PN25

Each valve be tested according to test standard: BS5163

Work Temperature: 0-80°C

Working Pressure:PN10,PN16



Body: Ductile Iron(GGGG50)

Bonnet: Ductile Iron(GGGG50)

Wedge:Ductile iron coated by NBR or EPDM


Stem nut:Ductile iron(GGGG50)

Gland:Ductile iron(GGGG50)

O ring:NBR


Bonnet Bolts:Steel 8.8+Wax

Handwheel:Cast Iron(GG25) or Ductile iron(GGG50),or steel

Gate valve BS5163 Middle type
BS5163 Type B Non Risng Stem Resilient S
Gate valve BS5163 Middle type Components and Materials 
Gate valve BS5163 Middle type Materials
Gate valve BS5163 middle type,Dimensions
Gate valve BS5163 Middle type Dimensions

Description for the BS5163 standard resilient seated non-rising stem gate valve:

Zhixin Valve Co. Ltd is one of professional manufacturer of ductile iron flanged resilient seated non rising stem gate valve BS5163 in China,high quality and competitive price.

BS5163 Resilient seated gate valve is designed to provide reliable shut-off or isolation for water and neutral fluid pipelines. Below are some key details about BS5163 resilient seat gate valves:

  1. Design Standard: BS5163

  2. Face-to-Face Dimension: Compliant with BS5163

  3. Flange Standard: BS EN4504 PN10,PN16

  4. Testing Standard: BS EN 5163, BS EN 1074-1 and 2 and BS EN12266.

  5. Pressure Rating: Suitable for up to 16 Bar

  6. Features: These robust gate valves have an elastomer-encapsulated wedge for superior sealing, ensuring effective shut-off.

Face to face length for BS5163 standard resilient seated gate valve 

  • DN 50: 178 mm

  • DN 65: 190 mm

  • DN 80: 203 mm

  • DN 100: 229 mm

  • DN 125: 254 mm

  • DN 150: 267 mm

  • DN 200: 292 mm

  • DN 250: 330 mm

  • DN 300: 356 mm

  • DN 350: 381 mm

  • DN 400: 406 mm

  • DN 450: 432 mm

  • DN 500: 457 mm

  • DN 600: 508 mm

  • DN700:  610mm

  • DN800:  660mm

  • DN900:  711mm

  • DN1000:811mm

  • DN1200:1015mm

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