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Ductile iron dismantling joints PN10,PN16 and PN25

Dismantling joint

Dismantling joint is used for installation and disassembly of flange pipework and fittings,flanged equipment such as valves,meters and pumps,it is suitable for use for water,sewage and neutral liquids etc.flow media and working temperature 0 to 80 ℃.

Sizes:DN50 to DN2000

Working pressure:PN10,PN16,PN25

Flange driling:BS EN1092 PN10,PN16 and PN25

Body(flanged sleeve and flanged spigot and gland ring):ductile iron GGG50


studs,nuts and washer:zinc plated steel 8.8 or steel 4.8

Coating:fusion bonded epoxy powder.

Dismantling joint drawing

dismantling joint drawing.png

Dismantling joint dimensions

dismantling joint dimensions.png
Dismantling joint Materials and test 
dismantling joints test.png

A dismantling joint is a double-flanged fitting used in pipe systems. Here are some key points about it:

  1. Purpose:

    • Facilitates the installation or removal of flanged equipment (such as valves) within a pipeline.

    • Allows longitudinal adjustment (up to ±25 mm) for flexibility.

  2. Benefits:

    • Simplifies maintenance by self-anchoring connections (no need for concrete anchor blocks).

    • Ideal for subsequent equipment adjustments or replacements.

  3. Materials:

    • Typically made of ductile iron.

    • Consists of flange spigot, flange adaptor, and tie rods (bolts, nuts, and washers).

Our factory manufactures ductile iron dismantling joints in Fujian province,China,dismantling joint size from DN50 to DN2000 and dismantling joint working pressure:PN10,PN16 and PN25

Stud and nut for dismantling joint can be zinc plated steel or stainless steel 304 or 316

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