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Foot valve,Flange drilling according to ANSI Class125/150,DN2"-DN24"

Full Flow Foot Valves are a form of check valve, installed at the bottom of Pump suction line, inside the wet well. Foot valves are an inexpensive way to maintain prime on a single centrifugal pump. The Foot Valve is designed with a 10% larger flow area (including heavy stainless steel strainer) than the pipe size to insure minimal head loss. Since Foot Valves are continually submerged in the wet well and not readily accessible for inspection or repair.

Flange Drilling according to ANSI Class125/150

Working Pressure:Class 125,Class 150

Working temperature:0-80℃

Flow media:Water

Size:DN 2"-DN 24"


Body:Ductile iron(A536 65-45-12)

Spring:Stainless steel ANSI304


Bolts:4.8 Galvanized Steel


foot valve Class 150, DN 8 inch.jpg
FOOT VALVe Drawing.png
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