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Ductile iron resilient seat gate valve,PN25,DN50-DN500

Design Standard:DIN3352,BS5163

Face to face dimensions: DIN3202 F4,F5,BS5163

Flange:DIN2501,BS EN1092 PN25

Each valve be tested according to test standard: DIN3230

Work Temperature: 0-80°C

Working Pressure:PN25



Body: Ductile Iron(GGGG50)

Bonnet: Ductile Iron(GGGG50)

Wedge:Ductile iron coated by NBR or EPDM


Stem nut:Brass

Gland:Ductile iron or Brass

O ring:NBR


Bonnet Bolts:Steel 8.8+Wax

Handwheel:Cast Iron(GG25) or Ductile iron(GGG50)

PN25 gate valve 2.jpg
Gate valve PN25 Drawing.png
Gate valve PN25,Components and materials
Gate valve PN25 materials.png
Gate valve PN25,Dimensions
Gate valve PN25 Dimensions.png

Ductile iron resilient seated non rising stem gate valve,working pressure PN25

  • Materials: Ductile iron body & bonnet, wedge coated with rubber (NBR or EPDM)

  • Standards: EN1171, EN1074-2

  • Flange Drilling: According to EN1092-2

  • Working Temperature: 0°C to 80°C

  • Pressure Rating: PN25

  • Sizes: DN50 to DN300

  • Face to Face: According to EN558-1 basic series 14, basic series 15,DIN3202 Part 4,Part 5,BS5163

  • Operation: Non-rising stem, operated by handwheel or gearbox

The valve features a flexible wedge gate that is fully vulcanized with EPDM rubber, ensuring no iron parts are exposed to the medium. It is designed for water, sewage, and other neutral liquid applications

Zhixin valve Co., a professional manufacturer of ductile iron double flanged resilient seated non rising stem gate valve,working pressure PN25 in China.we manufactures ductile iron flanged resilient seated non rising stem gate valve PN25 size DN50,DN65,DN80,DN100,DN125,DN150,DN200,DN250,DN300.and flange drills to BS EN1092-2 PN25,or BS EN4504 PN25.seal test 2.75Mpa,and body test 3.75Mpa.gate valve standard DIN3352 Part 4,Part 5,and BS5163. 

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