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Grooved end non rising stem gate valve,PN10/PN16,DN50-DN300,handwheel Operation

Design Standard:DIN3352

Face to face dimensions: DIN3202 

Each valve be tested according to test standard: DIN3230

Work Temperature: 0-80°C

Working Pressure:PN10,PN16



Body: Ductile Iron(GGGG50)

Bonnet: Ductile Iron(GGGG50)

Wedge:Ductile iron encapsulated by NBR or EPDM


Stem nut:Brass

Gland:Ductile iron or Brass

O ring:NBR


Bonnet Bolts:Steel 8.8+Wax

Handwheel:Cast Iron(GG25) or Ductile iron(GGG50),or steel

Grooved gate valve.jpg
Grooved end Gate valve Drawing
Grooved end gate valve drawing.png
Grooved end Gate valve Components and Materials
Grooved end gate valve materials
Grooved end Gate valve,Dimensions
Grooved end gate valve dimensions.png

A grooved end gate valve is a type of valve designed for quick and easy installation in pipeline systems. Here are some key points about grooved end gate valves:

  1. Design and Purpose:

    • These valves feature grooves on either end of the valve body.

    • They are used with mechanical couplings for rapid installation.

    • The gate valve operates by lifting and lowering a gate inside the valve body to control fluid flow.

  2. Applications:

    • Commonly used in fire protection systems.

    • Ideal for scenarios where positive shut-off is required, and a quick visual indicator of the open/closed position is needed.

  3. Size Range:

    • Available in various sizes, typically ranging from 2½ inches to 12 inches (DN65 to DN300).

grooved end gate valves simplify installation and provide reliable flow control.

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