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ductile iron dismantling joint DN300 to DN2000

cast ductile iron dismantling joint size DN300 to DN2000 pressure PN10,PN16,PN25

ductile iron dismantling joint DN300 to DN2000

Dismantling joints DN300-DN2000, PN10, PN16,PN25

Dismantling joint provides easy installation and disassembly of
flanged pipe work and fittings, or flanged equipment such as valves, meters and pumps. This fitting also allows for axial displacement of pipework during construction and is suitable for use with water, sewage and neutral liquids up to +80℃

Working pressure: PN10, PN16,PN25
Working temperature: 0-80℃

Flanges and drillings: BS EN1092-2 PN10, BS EN1092-2 PN16

End flange: ductile iron (GGG40/50)
Gland flange: ductile iron (GGG40/50)
Tie rod, nut: steel, grade 8.8, zinc plated
Bolts and nuts: steel, grade 8.8, zinc plated
Coating: blue fusion bonded epoxy powder

Size: DN300-DN2000

A ductile iron dismantling joint is a pivotal double-flanged fitting used in pipe systems.

The dismantling joint allows critical longitudinal adjustment and restraint in pipelines.
It facilitates installation or removal of equipment between two fixed flanges.
Adjustable Telescoping Restraint: The dismantling joint provides this feature with tie-rods.
Ideal for Maintenance: Systems requiring periodic maintenance benefit from the dismantling joint adjustability.
Size Range: Available in sizes from 12" to 80" (larger sizes upon request)

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