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ductile iron flap valve for drain pipe

ductile iron resilient seated flange flap valve for drain pipes

ductile iron flap valve for drain pipe

Flap valves are used for surface water drainage to prevent reverse flow. They are installed at rivers, estuaries. Flap valves can also be used on final effluent outfalls for sewage treatment plant to prevent flood damage within the works.

this flap valves is supplied for flange mounting applications.

This flap valve is ductile iron body and disc and with stainless steel screen,Pin is stainless steel.

Size range from DN50 to DN1200

Working pressure:PN6,PN10,PN16

Flange drilling BS EN1092-2 PN6,PN10,PN16

It is resilient seated flap valve,we can also supply metal seated flap valve too.
Zhixin Valve Co.,Lt is manufacturer and supplier of flap valve in China,welcome to contact us for price and technical data sheet.

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