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swing check valve with counterweight

ductile iron swing check valve with counterweight size DN50-DN600,face to face DIN3202 F6,BS5153

swing check valve with counterweight

swing check valve with counterweight

Design and Function:
These swing check valves has two options:metal seat or fully encapsulated, resilient disc.
The disc swings on a hinge or shaft, allowing flow in one direction while preventing backflow.
They handle a wide range of fluids, including those with suspended solids.

It finds applications in water supply, drainage systems, and pump discharge lines.

Key Features:
Rubber-seated for 100% sealing and zero leakage.
Easily rubber-lined for abrasion resistance.
Suitable for horizontal installation.
WRAS-approved material for drinking water upon request.
Standards and Applications:
Design Standards: DIN3202-F6, BS5153, BS EN12334/EN16767.
Service Fields: Potable water, neutral liquids, main transmission pipelines, irrigation, and fire fighting1.

These valves consist of a disc that swings on a hinge or shaft.
A counterweight is attached to assist in its operation.
The primary purpose is to prevent backflow, which can be damaging or disruptive to system operations.
When fluid pressure is higher on the inlet side, the disc opens, allowing fluid flow. If pressure becomes higher on the outlet side (e.g., during flow stoppage or reversal), the disc swings back to close the valve, preventing backflow.
Industrial Applications:
Water Treatment: Regulates pressure balance and ensures proper system functioning.

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