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Ductile iron resilient seat double socket end gate valvePN10/PN16,63mm-315mm

Design Standard:DIN3352

Face to face dimensions: DIN3202 F5

Each valve be tested according to test standard: DIN3230

Work Temperature: 0-80°C

Working Pressure:PN10,PN16


Application:UPVC or PE pipe,especially for underground pipe system


Body: Ductile Iron(GGGG50)

Bonnet: Ductile Iron(GGGG50)

Wedge:Ductile iron coated by NBR or EPDM


Stem nut:Brass

Gland:Ductile iron or Brass

O ring:NBR


Bonnet Bolts:Steel 8.8+Wax

Stem Cap:Ductile Iron(GGGG50) Or Cast Iron(GG25)

Double socket gate valve 75mm.jpg
socket end gate valve with stem cap draw
Socket end gate valve components and materials
Socket end gate valve Materials list.png
Socket end gate valve,Dimensions
Socket end gate valve Dimensions.png

ductile iron resilient seated non rising stem socket end gate valve 

  • Materials: Ductile iron (GGG50, GJS500, DIN1693, BS EN1563, ASTM A536 65-45-12).

  • Standards: Conforms to DIN3352 and other relevant standards.

  • Working Pressure: Typically 10bar, 16bar, PN10,PN16

  • Working Temperature: Suitable for use in temperatures ranging from -10℃ to +80℃.

  • Applications: Ideal for water, sewage, and wastewater systems.

  • Sizes Available: Ranges from for tube outside diameters 63mm to 315mm.

Ductile iron provides additional strength, toughness, and ductility while retaining machinability and corrosion resistance

Zhixin Valve Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of ductile iron valves based in China. we specialize in producing high-quality ductile iron gate valves designed for water systems. These valves are constructed from durable ductile iron and feature a resilient seated gate for reliable shut-off operation. The valve body and bonnet are coated with epoxy resin to prevent corrosion and ensure longevity. Zhixin’s ductile iron gate valves are suitable for a variety of applications, with working pressures typically around PN10,PN16 and sizes ranging widely to suit different pipeline requirements

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