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Swing check valve DN600

Ductile iron metal seat swing check valve,face to face DIN3202 F6,BS5153,working pressure PN10,PN16,flange drills to BS EN1092 PN10,PN16,size DN600,24inch

DN600 swing check valve

swing check valve with counterweight 

Standard:BS EN12334 or BS5153

Face to face length:DIN3202 F6,BS EN558 Series 48,BS5153

Flange drill to BS EN1092 PN10,PN16,BS EN4504

Working pressure:PN10,PN16

Working temperature:0-80℃

Test standard:BS EN12266


Materials List

Body and cover:ductile iron GGG50 

Disc:ductile iron GGG50

Disc seat:brass

Body seat:brass



Counterweight:cast iron


Bolts:zinc plated steel or stainless steel A2-70

Coating:fusion bonded epoxy powder 

swing check valve DN600 drawing
Swing check valve DN600 drawing
Swing check valve 24inch drawing
  1. Design and Function:

  2. Specifications:

    • Nominal Diameter (DN): DN600 (600 mm)

    • Nominal Pressure (PN): Typically PN10 or PN16

    • Material: Ductile Iron GGG50

    • Working Temperature Range: -10°C to +80°C

  3. Applications:

    • Used in various systems, including:

      • Cold and hot water systems

      • Drinking water and irrigation systems

      • Firefighting systems

      • Pumping stations

      • Storage tanks

      • Pipe lines

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It can choose swing check valve DN600 with counterweight if necessary,we also manufacture ductile iron swing check valve with counterweight DN600

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