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Swing check valve with counterweight 

Ductile iron metal seat swing check valve with counterweight,face to face DIN3202 F6,BS5153,working pressure PN10,PN16,flange drills to BS EN1092 PN10,PN16,size DN50-DN600

swing check valve with counterweight 

Standard:BS EN12334 or BS5153

Face to face length:DIN3202 F6,BS EN558 Series 48,BS5153

Flange drill to BS EN1092 PN10,PN16,BS EN4504

Working pressure:PN10,PN16

Working temperature:0-80℃

Test standard:BS EN12266


Materials List

Body and cover:ductile iron GGG50 

Disc:ductile iron GGG50

Disc seat:brass

Body seat:brass



Counterweight:cast iron


Bolts:zinc plated steel or stainless steel A2-70

Coating:fusion bonded epoxy powder 

swing check valve with counterweight drawing
swing check valve with counterweight drawing.png
  1. Functionality:

    • When fluid flows in the forward direction, it pushes against the valve’s disc, causing it to swing open.

    • The counterweight acts as an automatic damper, preventing chattering, cracking, and hammering.

    • For large-sized pipelines, where heavier disc weights can lead to issues, the counterweight ensures stable operation.

  2. Anti-Hammer Effect:

    • The presence of the counterweight helps maintain smooth valve closure, reducing the risk of damage due to abrupt flow reversals.

    • It balances the forces acting on the disc, allowing controlled and gradual closing.

  3. Installation:

    • Swing check valves with counterweights can be used for both horizontal and vertical installations.

    • In vertical flow lines, rotate the counterweight 90° clockwise to ensure it’s in a horizontal position when the valve is ready for use.

Zhixin Valve Co., a leading manufacturer of swing check valves with counterweight in China

factory based in Fujian, China, specializes in designing and producing high-quality industrial valves. our swing check valves with counterweight offer exceptional performance, especially for large-sized pipelines. 

swing check valves from Zhixin Vavle Co.features:

  1. Anti-Hammer Effect: The presence of a counterweight ensures smooth valve closure, preventing chattering, cracking, and hammering due to abrupt flow reversals.

  2. Application: These valves are suitable for clean water, sewage, and low-concentration slurry.

  3. Installation Flexibility: They can be installed both horizontally and vertically. For vertical flow lines, simply rotate the counterweight 90° clockwise to ensure proper positioning.

  4. Materials: Body made of ductile iron (GGG50), disc also ductile iron (GGG50), and shaft constructed from 2Cr13.

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