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Y Strainer ANSI Class 125/150

Design standard:ANSI Class 125/150
Flange:ANSI B16.1
Face to face dimensions:ISO 5752 Series 1

working pruessure:Class 150 for size DN50-DN200,Class 125 for size dn50 to dn600

Work temperature:≤80°c

Size:50-600 mm


Body:ductile iron(A536 65-45-12)

Screen:stainless steel(ANSI 304)

ansi y strainer.jpg
ANSI Y strainer Chart.png
Y Strainer ANSI,Component and materials
ANSI Y strainer component and materials.
Y Strainer ANSI,Dimensions
ANSI Y strainer Dimension.png
Y Strainer ANSI,Screen sizes
screen szie.png
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